Oversized cutting and milling

Printed materials and boards can be formatted in any shape thanks to the new universal table Kongsberg XN 44 from ESKOM. Thanks to a broad variety of tools and tool heads, we can handle virtually any order and material. We can cut, mill and crease materials on both sides with maximum dimensions of 2270 x 3575 mm and thickness 80 mm.

Our series XN 44 includes a turret MulticutHP highperformance integrated cutter chilled with water for very hard materials and two other positions eg. For cutting knives, creasing tools etc.

We can process the following materials:

  • paper
  • stickers
  • paperboard folded
  • paper board, machine paper board , packaging, white paper board, special and
  • corrugated
  • kapa boards
  • plywood
  • acrylic (PMMA), polycarbonate (PCA)
  • wood, wood veneer
  • laminates pressed under great pressure (HPL)
  • alucobond (sandwich material: ALPPAL)
  • under
  • another name also Dibond
  • durable (foamed) PVC (Forex, Sintra)
  • fiber boards (MDF), medium density
  • polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS)



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